- Custom Leather Chaps -

Only the finest leather is used in our chaps and chinks. We make three basic styles. Shotguns are full length, chinks come just past the knees, and batwings are flared at the bottom. All chaps come with choice of laced or buckle on the back belt. Yokes can be either chap or tooling leather. Tooling leather can be plain, border stamped, basket stamped, or floral carved to meet your needs. For proper fit please see our fitting guide.

Shotguns come with choice of zipper, adjustable snaps, or buckles on the legs.

Chinks come with choice of adjustable snaps or buckle legs.

Batwings come with choice of adjustable snaps or buckle legs.

Here are some examples of what we have in stock. Keep in mind, that we specialize in custom work to fit you and can make them to your liking. Numerous options on color and style available. Any questions or comments please call us during business hours or e-mail us and we will get back to you ASAP


hair on chaps brown chaps
This pair is hair on with dark fringe and basket stamped yoke and shield.
Cream colored with double fringe 3" and 6" and basket stamped yoke and shield and fancy conchos.
rust color chaps light brown chaps
This pair is a rust color with dark brown fringe. Yoke and shield are tooling leather with hair on diamonds.
This pair is dark brown with buckskin yoke shield and fringe.
Batwing chaps
This pair is tan with dark brown yoke and shield.
This pair of batwings has a basket stamped yoke and heart conchos down the legs.